The Great Barrier Reef has lots of cool marine animals like dolphins that live there. Dolphins like to travel in large groups, and stay genuinely close to the surface, circling schools of fish. 

Sea turtles are also cool animals to see when you’re diving at The Great Barrier Reef, and 6 out of 7 endangered species of sea turtles call it home. Sea turtles like to stay in shallow pieces of water, and like coral reefs. So the bigger coral reefs are great places to go if you like sea turtles and would like to see some.

Believe it or not, saltwater crocodiles roam the waters of The Great Barrier Reef, so they’re a thing to avoid while you’re diving there. But they’re very rare, so you should be cautious but not afraid when you’re at The Great Barrier Reef because they will not harm you unless you scare them, so don’t do that.

Humpback whales also live around the great barrier reef. But they stay generally far away from the reefs, since they’re very large and will crash into and break the coral, and like quiet areas and reefs are buzzing with life. So it would be cool to see a whale when you’re swimming over to a reef or something.

The Great Barrier Reef has 22 types of seabirds, including seagulls, which are usually popular everywhere, except very cold places like the Arctic, 14 species of sea snakes which are popular because of the suitable habitats of the reefs. 

There are 40 species of sea anemones, all that clownfish love to hide in their protective stingers from larger predators like sharks. 

The Great Barrier Reef has more than 450 types of hard corals, and around 150 types of soft corals. Another reason to come here is these coral, that have many different colors and are all awesome to see.

You have to be careful diving here because there’s a lot of poisonous octopuses and jellyfish to watch out for, and if you don’t look out you very well could be dead in seconds. So don’t pull anything not very smart around these venomous creatures.