The best time to go diving is probably September to November if you want great visibility, but any time during the summer would be awesome if you like the really warm dives and prefer them to visibility, because that’s the warmest and best dive time for you. 

Some cool dive sites to go to are The Nathan Reef, The Osprey Reef, The Ribbon Reef and Escape Reef which are all awesome dive sites and maybe some of the best at The Great Barrier Reef. But there are still dozens of other cool places to dive at, because we’ve only named 4 of hundreds of the best ones.

If you like shallow dives, or you’re only beginning to dive,  Nathan Reef is the place for you. With the short depth of 9 meters, it’s a calm dive and an awesome place to start if you’ve never dived at The Great Barrier Reef because the currents are weak, and lots of clown fish attract a lot of divers because of their bright orange colors. The coral is also very colorful, and is great to dive around.